One shoe has many components. Many components need many work steps. And after many work steps you have the complete shoe. The shaft and the sole are as important as the footbed. Don´t leave it behind.
All HASSIA shoes are equipped with the anatomical formed VARIO-soft-footbed. Only a few models have a non removeable footbeds, like our sandals. You can remove the VARIO-soft-footbed and change it with your own individual insoles. Our footbed is flexible and light. It dampens each step and supports the longitudinal arch with the ergonomic midfoot pad.
HASSIA attaches importance to high-quality and the best, is almost good enough for us. Therefore, are our footbeds covered with lambskin leather. Premium climate comfort will be guaranteed.

Do you know the feeling of bigger or swollen feet during the day? Just take out the footbed to have more space. You can wear HASSIA shoes also without the footbed, thanks to its high-quality interior.
All wool or lambskin lined shoes are equipped with footbeds with an additional aluminum reflective coating in order to keep the feet warm and cozy even in cold weather.
The VARIO-super-soft-footbed has the same qualities as the VARIO-soft-footbed. It is especially breathable and offers more comfort thanks to its chosen material.