Collection report spring / summer 2020

HASSIA – Premium Shoes
Fashion with Premium Fit
HASSIA stands unmistakably for modern premium shoes with comfort and attention to detail.
The new Spring / Summer 2020 collection runs under the slogan "less is more"!
Opener, lighter, summery ..., this is the way how our collection meets the changing climatic conditions in the current fashion.
A series of slings and models with perforations are shown next to new stand-alone sandals, which bring the theme of extra width, fit and "dressy fashion" together. The newly developed sandal footbed offers an exceptional comfort experience.
The modernization in the field of "smart casual" shoes brings a lot of joy. In keeping with the time spirit, chic is combined with light sportiness.
Sneakers have established themselves in HASSIA and have been further developed into H and K widths.
The lines are clear. The variety in the collection is achieved through the play of colors and the material mix.
Fine velvet goatskin show the current colors.
Fantasy prints, houndstooth patterns or animal skin drawings from zebra to snake complete the picture. Own HASSIA prints were developed, which serve the theme of the alienated animal skin drawings. HASSIA - unmistakable!
White is the new black..., this big color block is supplemented with neutral tones from off-white to dune to rose.
Warm yellow and orange tones, kiwi and pink are color accents. The family of blue shades is not only classic, but also fashionably placed and serves the theme "Waterworld"