Spring / Summer 2021 collection

HASSIA shoes
Fashion premium products in fit, comfort and material

 ... inspiring - honest - crafted with passion for the product.
These values are today more important than ever and HASSIA has stood for these values since 1884.
HASSIA is unique in the combination of fashion, "dressy chic", extra width and removable footbeds in a premium area and appearance!
The big seasonal themes of Simplicity & Purity, Health & Nature and Joy & Fun are staged in the different color and material worlds in a noble and tasteful way, always with great detail.
Subtle neutral tones and pastels as well as platinum optics give new impulses and stand for the topic of Simplicity & Purity. Plain white themes are "state of the art" as are black and white effects.
The new "naturalness" at Health & Nature are implemented by bast optics and handcrafted processing in a noble implementation to new style icons. Combinations from cream to hazel are often displayed in white.
At Joy & Fun, color is a must and serves the desire for joy during this time. Here colors like a chily red and a warm sunflower yellow are characteristic.
“Smart casual” lines and “dressy sneakers” have become HASSIA's driving force. As a symbol of the current way of life as loungewear, comfort in the ubiquitous casual lifestyle HASSIA has unique products contained herein. Light summer slippers in various materials as well as stretch have become cult status.
Sandals and summer shoes find their meaning in all collection topics. Dressy and comfortable in multiple width is a HASSIA uniqueness.